Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She's leaving

Georgie and Luke have brought a flat. It's not far from here,  in fact it's .4km to walk (through the park) and .7km to drive. I am happy for them, they are so excited about it - I said to Georgie "on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about moving into your own place" she said "9".

I'll miss her, we have lived together for 20 years. I've shed a few tears about this. I asked Arthur to buy me a tea pot for christmas on the basis that it would be good when Georgie and I have tea we could make a pot..............then realised it would be 8 days till she moved out - then there were some more tears.

Funny I say this because there have been many times when I have told her to fuck off (it's in the parenting 101 manual) and get her own place - sometimes it's like I actually have 6 small children - Luke is worse then the kids for leaving shit lying around!

So part of me thinks - go on get your own place, clean up after yourself, do your own washing, buy your own food, feel the pain of paying the power bills, rates, home loan repayments etc

And then I think about how I look forward to Georgie coming home for lunch, or when she has a day off and gets up and we have a cup of tea and just hang (possibly do a bit of bitching). And I will really really miss that. I know that she's only moving around the corner but it's not the same and I'm a bit sad about that.

She's funny, she's witty (actually she's grown up in a family of smart asses but we like to call ourselves witty), she's great with the kids (sometimes has the audacity to point out my failings as a parent), she is incredibly generous and lots of other fantastic things -  I love all that she is.

Anyway, that's how it is. Perhaps when the last one leaves I'll have their bags packed and waiting by the door!


Kim said...

Smilin Cryin readin this. Place looks rather flash.

Kim Hunter said...

Yes she is beautiful. I still remember when she and Tessa were little. Mine flew the coop 18 months ago. It does get easier. Only a little though.