Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Really Living Darwin style

Last month Greatness In You came to Darwin to run the 3 day Really Living Seminar. It's for people who have done GIY. We touched up on some of the great stuff we learnt from GIY and looked further into other things that four days at GIY is simply not enough time to cover.

My dad flew up from Brisbane and our friends Karl and Rick from Alice Springs. We had three people (left side of the pic) who came over from Western Australia (who none of us knew). The rest of us from Darwin and all really good friends........

I can assure you that the fact that most of the group were friends was a concern. I wasn't worried so much about us women but I did wonder how the men would handle it. They have all done work on themselves and if they hadn't already bonded (they actually do have a great relationship) they sure as hell have now!

I can speak for everyone when I say it was fantastic and we all got so much out of it!

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Kim said...

Everyone looks so happy. Love the title of this post