Monday, December 10, 2012

My children

I am lucky enough to have been blessed with 5 beautiful children who I love love love. It's interesting juggling 5 different personalities but they are each special in their own way.

Connor makes me laugh, he is very witty and whilst he struggles to show me affection  he hangs around waiting for his kiss before school and at bedtime and comes up for me to cuddle him. Although he never tells me he loves me, I know he does.

Harrison, the boy who never leaves my side, tells me often that he loves me, gives me cuddles and kisses all the time. He is inquisitive about everything and is constantly asking questions. He is as sharp as a tac, nothing gets past this little man.

Gracie seems to fly under the radar. We have an odd relationship - she either really loves me or she doesn't. She's good at school and doesn't make waves at home unless she's really pissed. She is definitely the peace maker. She is very artistic and creates beautiful pictures. I love that she can be so loving and caring. Grace is very sure about what she wants and doesn't want. We rarely get any time together, just the two of us, it's time we did, so that tops my list for next year.

Olivia is the last child and you can tell! She has this really outgoing personality with a free spirit that says JUST DO IT! I think her motto is - I want to, so I will.................She still has that pure innocence of childhood which has not yet been damaged or dented by life.

You will notice that there is no Georgie here. Now that's because I am about to do a blog completely devoted to her - the deserter is going out on her own and I am happy but........

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Kim Hunter said...

All beautiful. You are truly blessed that's for sure. I think you've captured their personalities perfectly.