Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've been thinking

As we drove around America we saw some amazing feats of nature which have take millions or years to create. Some people think that when your number is up it's up and you go straight back into the earth.

I'm not sure what happens, when we die. I don't follow any particular faith or religion. I am a good person and I do the right thing by others. I  pray most nights, to "God" and am extremely thankful for the love and abundance in my life, but to be honest I'm not sure  if there is a god. I sometimes think I am covering all bases (with praying) - I'm OK with that.

So I'll get to the point of this blog - If nature took all that time to create that stuff (millions, billions of years) then it is very possible that we humans really did evolve over time. An advanced species, but just another part of nature and when we die that's it - all over red-rover. The world will keep on turning.

I will just have to be OK with the unknown, it's been an ongoing issue for me. I sometimes think that if I saw a ghost - a nice one that didn't scare the shit out of me.........I would know then wouldn't I?