Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Renaisance Exhibition

These are just some of my friend Kim's (Scott) art work - I have stolen the pictures from her blog site, I'm sure she won't mind! She is incredibly talented and seems to be able to turn anything she lays her hands on into something special.

She lives in Canberra but on the weekend, Kim, her sister Simone and her niece Lauren held an exhibition in Katherine,which we all went down for!

The pieces I have above were there - the top is a photograph titled "Misty Morning" (she gave me a canvas copy for my birthday - beautiful). The middle picture is an example of her collection of Haiku (a traditional Japanese poetry) - it's very clever! The bottom is a collection of little drawings - "kids at play" - I don't think she'll mind me boasting on her behalf that this was the first item to sell for $1000.

My girls knocked over a painting of "Devil's Gate" (Kakadu) that had just been auctioned for $400 and in Arthur's effort to stop it from falling to the ground he covered it with beer!!! And being the "top bloke" that he is, he grabbed the girls and bolted outside leaving me to deal with it. Lucky for us Kim and Simone just laughed and declared that it was now officially a "Real Territory Picture" - Kim kindly took the picture of me franticly cleaning it!

Congratulations Kim, I just know this is the first of many successful exhibitions. xo


Kim said...

leighbreath, you make me laugh. i dont mind at all. bathing in the admiration in fact.

thanks so much for your friendship and the willingness to travel to support me.


Kim Hunter said...

Yes a very talented artist indeed. They do that with ships? Albeit with champayne but hey it's the territory for pete's sake. It's just gotta be beer.