Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well Xmas came and went in the blink of an eye again - there's always this major frenzie (because I religiously leave everything to the last minute) and then...............it's over!
We travelled down to Manbulloo on Xmas eve and spent 4 days there. We had breakfast at Brian's (Bronwyn's husband) parents house followed by a lovely lunch at Bronwyn and Brian's - I managed to swan around in the kitchen for a while contributing very little (something I have perfected from dad), however I did clean up.

Our friends Leigh, Shane and the kids came down on Boxing day and Brian (Arthur's dad) had organised lots of exciting things for us todo - two HUGE bon fires (you never grow out of being a fire bug), horse riding and trekking through the paddocks to see the brand new poddie calfs - they were very beautiful!
As always we had a great time and sharing Manbulloo with our friends made it even more special!


Kim said...

this is very humourus Leigh. The piccy so cute. And the grass so greeeeen.

munnfamily said...

It was special holiday for us too. Thanks for the invite.