Friday, January 1, 2010

Mr Connor's 8!

We had Connor's birthday party on New Year's Eve and would you believe (unexpectedly) turned into one-hell-of-a-New Year's Eve Party that didn't finish until 4.30!
The kids had a great time - there seemed to be A LOT of them, but we barely saw them!

By about 1am there were only a few of us left - Nic & Grayson, Nicky & Damien and Arthur and I, but we made up for it - We danced and sang and had the most fantastic time! We had so much fun. I love that we're all comfortable enough with each other to do this - but what a sight it must have been - Georgie and Shantelle kept using the word "classy" - go figure!
And a big thank you to Georgie and Shantelle for the early morning snacks and the taxi service AND Georgie got up early and made us bacon and eggs, that Arthur couldn't eat (he thinks someone spiked his alcohol with alcohol).
Last year was fantastic, I can't wait to see what this year brings us!


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Kim Hunter said...

Such a handsome and fine young man. Happy birthday Connor. X