Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cruising the Pacific

We came back from holidays a couple of weeks ago and I find it odd that when you get back it's like you never even left!

We went on a 7 night cruise to the Pacific Islands with Arthur's sister, husband and kids and some good friends Tony and Jean Civitarese. To say I enjoyed the cruise would be an understatement! I loved the ocean, it was so beautiful and I loved the gentle rocking (and sometimes not so gentle) of the ship. My first morning I got up before everyone else, showered and raced up to the top deck - I was almost overwhelmed, it just took my breath away! There was absolutely nothing out there, just water which was deep deep blue colour that I have never seen before.
Needless to say, we will be going on another. We also went up to Hervey Bay, visited some friends, Craig and Michelle Hutchinson and went whale watching. Then down to Faylene and Gary's (Shantelle's grandparents) in Esk. We overnighted there and spent a very relaxing morning at their block. They were great with the kids (who we all know can have the same effect as a mini tornado) and it was great to catch up with them again, they are a lovely couple and made us feel very welcome! Definitely looking forward to catching up again sometime soon.

Down to Surfers paradise for a few days, visiting Lamington National Park and Dreamworld.

I love holidays...............busy planning the next one.................

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Kim said...

Mannn, have I been hanging for this post. love the tags around the kids necks, the chubber arms, the ponytails, the blue blue, the smiles, the proud parents, the lovely neice,the bling, THE LOVE. i see all the love love love.