Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Inlaws

Lots of people ask us how we manage on one income with 6 kids. To be honest, we mostly live from pay to pay and whilst that does get frustrating (like when something major like the washing machine craps itself etc) it doesn't bother us too much, because it won't be like this for ever - I do have a permanent job with the government and am due to go back to work in 2013. For now though, we both agree that the most important thing is for me to be home for the kids - and, no complaints from me, I love it!

We have a really great life style, however, without a doubt this would not be possible without the help and support of Arthur's parents - Stephanie and Brian.

I love the special relationship they have with our children and from the moment Shantelle came to live with us they treated her as one of their own, lavishing her with as much love as the other children.

For those of you who have never been to Manbulloo, you can't imagine just how beautiful and peaceful it is out there. It feels so good to know you have a safe place to go, where there's lots of love and nothing is ever really a problem.

It's pretty special for me, because the only other place I have ever felt like that was at home with mum.

They help us in so many ways! Coming to the rescue in a washing machine crisis, sending us on a holiday which we otherwise would not be able to afford. We never expect any of these things, but you can't imagine just how much we appreciate them.

And we'll do the very same thing for our children...................

SEE, now you really know HOW LUCKY WE ARE


Kim said...

Leigh, i want to be your baby.... This is a lovely post. Your rock sis!!!

munnfamily said...

Don't you think for a moment that you all deserve such good things? I have no doubt that Brian and Stephane look forward to your visits, and they are just as lucky to have you all in their lives too!