Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "P" plater

It seems that in the blink of an eye my baby turned into a teenager who can now legally drive on the roads - god, how did that happen?? Understandably she doesn't feel too cool in the 8 seater Tarago and only slightly better in the 7 seater Suzuki - However, if we all caste our minds back to when we first got our license we were just thankful to have "a" vehicle to drive - and that's where she's gotta love it!
Ps. Check out my "harry-high-pants" jeans.



Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Well done Georgie Girl! I understand about our girls being all of a sudden grown up. Did I tell I have a re-ocurring grey hair? Just in one spot on my head? How weird is that? Ain't nothing wrong with those jeans either - you're still a stunner. I have this pic of Georgie in her outfit too. XXX

Kim said...

im curled in a ball here waiting for the next installment. these are so cute photos. my heart aches....