Thursday, April 30, 2009

Olivia turns 2

I have the nicest memories of her birth - something really beautiful that Arthur shared with me! I can remember (stupidly) thinking that because she was no.5 nobody would even acknowledge her birth - as you can see that clearly didn't happen! The cakes were made by one of our neighbours (they read "Welcome Olivia" and tasted sensational) and we had more flowers and gifts then we could carry out of the hospital in one trip!
Things got too busy and I didn't organise a party for her, I don't think she minded - she got lots of presents and love anyway!
Going by the walls in this house and the interior and exterior of our car - we're fairly confident she's going to be an artist!

PS. we don't feed her like that - she seems to like it better OUT of her plate


Kim said...

They are adorable picture Leigh. Keep em coming.


I love the photo of you and Olivia, you look wonderfully at bliss like you are a first time Mum. Everytime is truely special.

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Haaaa! Another beautiful post; and I agree with Livy eating utensils including plates are overrated!