Sunday, April 26, 2009

A novel, cause I felt like crap

Over the Easter long weekend Olivia and I got sick (just the family sharing really) and according to Arthur I took being an "asshole" to brand new heights - no problems, it took quite some doing to beat Arthur - He's quite horrible when he's sick!

Anyway I must have gotten a secondary chest infection but thought I was doing alright until last Wednesday, within the space of an hour, I went from feeling fine to wondering if I could actually drive the kids home from Soccer training. Arthur was a away and the big girls had netball so much to the kids disgust we were all in bed by 7.30 (lucky for them Alicia and Robert came around and played with them for an hour before putting them back to bed).

By the time Georgie got home I had decided I was probably suffering from a ruptured appendix, pneumonia or I was just dying. So after a phone call to Arthur (in Brisbane) that involved lots of sobbing, we headed up to A&E (with strict instructions to Georgie not to touch anything or breath if at all possible). After a couple of hours I told the nurse I didn't think I could wait much longer - you're 3rd in the "fast tract line", do you think you can wait?

Great, so with the words "fast tract" ringing in my ears I spotted the single most attractive coffee table I have ever seen - and it was here that I lay, dosing and waited a further 2 1/2 hours. Poor Georgie had to sit beside me and fight off the "undesirables" in the waiting room who thought they might like to read, Oh, who am I kidding - look at the pictures, of the magazines I was lying on!

And joy oh joy we finally get called in and I actually get to lie on a bed! I got as far as urinating in a jar and hooking up a luggie into a jar, only to be told that a stabbing trauma was on it's way in and who knows how much longer before I get to see a doctor - how selfish are these people? - the stabber? and stabbee? Unfuckingbelievable! Since I had to get up to 4 small children in about 3 hours and Georgie was falling asleep sitting up, I graciously thanked them for their hospitality and complete lack of service and went home.

I sent a SOS to Alicia and Robert for help and they took the kids to school and both girls stayed home - one to sleep and the other to look after Olivia (how lucky am I?). Anyway Art got home later on that day and took me to the doctors and she said...........I was........sick (seriously? I had no idea!) I had a chest xray which was clear but my sputum (heavily tinged with blood) test hasn't come back. I feel better but, but still crappy so am off to my 3rd trip to the doctors for a blood test - I think some stinkin mosquito has shared something with me.

I know you'll all be hanging on the edge of your seats awaiting news of my well being - I'll get back to you!
PS. I also wanted to say that my Ramsey St neighbours brought food and offers of help and I absolute get what a unique position I am in with so many little people and having teenagers, neighbours and friends I can rely on to help with them!

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Kim said...

Darl you do sound awefully sick. Not like you to complain. You R O C K leighbreath...