Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cre8 - Ignite Your Life

As you all know, in June last year I went to Perth and attended a course through Cre8 (Promoters of human potential). This was the single most life changing thing I have ever done - I am the happiest I have every been, I am more confident and my favourite thing of all - I actually REALLY like myself for the first time in my life!

I am still in awe - three days was all it took for me (and I did it, I had help, but it was all my doing) to completely transform myself/my life! I was able to dump all that baggage that I had faithfully dragged around with me for 38 years.

From that point on I just knew I really wanted to go back with Arthur. So after 8 months of begging and, in the end, having to draw the "death" card - "If I was dying and asked you to go with me would you?", he finally agreed!

So we have just come back from doing the "Ignite Your Life" course in Perth. I'm so proud of Arthur, he really didn't want to go - I suspect he thought it was against the whole macho blokey image. Anyway, surprise surprise, he got a whole lot out of it and discovered a lot about himself. And best of all we are now "on the same page" and we have made a commitment to each other to do something for our relationship at least once a year.
Never again will we allow our lives to be just OK!


Kim said...

mmm I left a coment the day you posted this but it didnt appear. Im proud of you both. Glad you are doing something that youve never done before to improve your lives. The saying " if you alway do what you always done, you gunna get what you always got" is so damn true.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you did any more of the courses that Cre8 offer? I've been on he website and notice that there are 2 others that can be done.....

The Hill Family..... said...

Hi "Anonymous", do you have an e'mail address I can reply to?

Anonymous said...

I do - how do I let you know what it is?

The Hill Family..... said...

Apologies for the delay in replying. You could just leave your email address the same way you left a comment.

I went to Cre8 June 2008 and it was life changing for me. However I have to say when I went back with my husband in May 2009, it was very very differnt. Way too many people and no where near the amount of ONE-0N-ONE work - which I think is absolutely essential. Very disappointing, because Marie and Brett have the skills but seem to be trying for a Anthony Robbins seminar!

I am now involved in an organisation called "Greatness In You" and is on the Gold Coast QLD. http://greatnessinyou.com.au/

If you read my more recent blogs you will see for your self what I go out of it.

5 March 11, 8 August 10, 15 April 10, 23 Feb 10

Let me know if you have an questions.

cre8 said...

Hi Hill family,

Thanks for the generous comments. We always appreciate feedback and value what you have to say shame I didn't see them earlier!
Since you did the seminar which is now called Ignite Leadership we have been able to serve many others and now have events in Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Bali Geraldton and Dunsborough.
Darwin is definitely on the list we are always seeking people who can assist us to grow and serve more couples like yourselves.
Glad to hear you are still learning and growing.
Best wishes to you both and your beautiful children
Brett & Marie