Friday, March 13, 2009

Stuff you don't need to know.......

  • We eat 8 loaves of bread a week
  • Use 12 rolls of toilet paper (recycled!!)
  • Drink 7litres of juice (no sugar or additives)
  • Eat 1 kg of margarine/butter (100% fat of course)
  • Drink 9litres of milk (low fat)
  • Umpteen kilos of fruit and vegetables

AND the cat pissed in my shoe last night!!!


Kim said...

Leighbreath, Godde I luv ya. I have no excuse for my smelly shoes. I might get a cat...

~Mel~ said...

Bloody hilarious! I dont think I could ever be bothered adding up what we go through in a week!

Obviously you have way toooooooo much time on your hands. LOL!

Kim Blank Hunter said...

I wish I could blog like you Leigh, this is so funny - I've like read it three times now, still laughing.X