Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hen's Party

So, FINALLY our good friends Alicia and Robert are getting married (next weekend)! We had the Hen's party on Saturday night, which went really well - as you can see I had to adjust the figurines - I had to texta (black) Robert and Alicia needed some liquid paper on her brown head (this worked perfectly because you could see her re-growth, which she is always bitching about).

Arthur, Georgie, Olivia and I are flying to the Sunshine Coast (Brisbane) on Wednesday night - VERY VERY excited! Since we are taking Olivia, my friend Kim who lives in Brisbane is coming down the coast to look after her (isn't she wonderful). I may have a few drinks - but as always, I'll be very funny, hold interesting conversations and be bloody good at dancing!

The first picture - Alicia's niece Cianne, Alicia, me and Arthur's sister Bronwyn (clearly the theme was "pink and bling")


Kim said...

Wow, Alicia and Robert.... Give them my best wishes please.

Kim Blank Hunter said...

Firstly, yes I am lovely.
Secondly, you all look great in these pic's.
Thirdly, I will try liquid paper on my re-growth and let choo know!
Lastly, you all look so happy, vibrant and lovely!