Saturday, February 21, 2009

This is bothering me

So what happens when your dead?

I wish I could just let this one slide, but clearly I can't!

If you ask my friends, there seems to be three main beliefs (I have REALLY simplified them, but you'll get my drift):
  1. You hang out with god for all eternity!

  2. You pick another life which holds more (life) lessons you need to learn and you're reborn and you continue this process until you get it right.......then you hang somewhere (very nice apparently) for eternity!

  3. You turn to dust and that's the end of the story!

Nobody can convince me otherwise - no one knows what actually happens when we die. People have beliefs and that's what gets them through.

I want a belief, well actually, I think I need a belief!

Clearly number 3 sucks and I'd prefer not to give that one too much thought. Although it is possible! Especially if you go with the "we just started out as one cell" theory! So then I ask (and I am yelling when I do) "what was the point of it all?"

The "God" I grew up with was difficult to get along with, had lots of really ridiculous rules (birth control - illegal) and he had a tendency to be a little nasty - for eg...........he burns sinners (and I have indeed sinned!) I'm not likely to go with this option. (although if it turned out we got the whole "penance, burning thing wrong", I could definitely hang with him - lets face it by the time I die, I'll be almost perfect!!)

I'm liking the whole Mother Earth, Karma, rebirth thing! I'm probably the most comfortable with this (if comfort is the right word?). It could make sense to me! But still scary!

It doesn't matter how you look at it, it's kind of like a leap of faith isn't it? Because I'm not likely to find hard evidence of any of the above (3) options am I?

OR I could just not waste another second of my life thinking about death. However I do tend to be a little obsessive. So I think the only way around this issue is to find a belief and stick with it!

I'll get back to you......................


Kim said...

Have you heard about Poll dancing?

Kathryn said...

I believe in Karma too! For example, the coke machine just stole $3.50 off me without giving me a coke - so I went to the alcohol store and they still had the $15 sign up for the Southern Comfort which was supposed to be $18.50! See... karma - it all evens out in the end if we leave it to the universe. :)

Kathryn said...

As for death... I believe, having seen much death over the past 20 years or so, that we go when we've finally accomplished what it was we were here to do. Those who are left behind have learnt something from us being here and this continues through the ages. However, I also believe that our spirit reappears through the birth of another human somewhere... so, we never really go, we just keep on teaching humans how to live. This make sense...?? :)


Well as you know I am Catholic, but for me my religion is more cultural than choice, it is so wrapped around our traditions that it becomes homely and sacred as something special passed on by my grandparents not by the church, and in this it is filled with love and kindness and history, I don't much beleive in the church but in the faith of a loving God, one that teaches me to respect and love one another and to do as you wish to recive, so yes Karma is huge in my life, as for death, I don't wish to die soon but I do hold the faith that what ever happens when we die, if it is a memory that holds with us for eternity, another steping stone or eternal light that it will be okay, as long as I am a good person, it will be okay, and honestly I feel so blessed by God in this life that my faith is strong. It will be okay. I know that so many bad things happen in this world but I don't think it has much to do with God or the devil, more with us, MANKIND, we are a stupid race, and what we do or create is our own choices and free will, not gods powers, they are or own decisions that we need to stop passing of as other peoples responsiblities. Just have faith Leigh not in God but in yourself and your family and in the choices you make, that is all we can truely beleive in, just have faith. I hope that helps a little :)

Scott Family said...

Read the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan.