Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good bye Girl

Our dog Girl died today. She was mum's dog and we have had her since mum died in 2001. I'll be honest and say I'm not much of a dog person, however, in the eight years we had her, she did grow on me!
Mum found her in the scrub and she'd had the shit beaten out of her and it took her a couple of weeks to get close enough to get a collar around her neck and catch her!
I don't' know how old she was, but maybe about 16yrs? She was so old we knew she wouldn't be around for much longer. I'll miss her, we all will, she was also my last living link to mum, so that hurts as well!


Kim said...

Dear Leigh. I remember that hound. I was scared of her. What a woman that lizzy chain is. Yes, those links sometimes feel like they are broken. You might want to think of your children as living links to your luvly mother. When Hamish was born in 97, 2 years after mum died I felt it was new and exciting link to mum as her genes were passed on somehow through him. And I see my neices ears that are the exact same shape as mums. Hurts yes, have to agree. love kimbo

Kim Blank Hunter said...

I am so sorry to hear about Girl. I like animals more than humans generally, so any loss of animal life pierces my heart - I can't stop it, it just happens. I had an experience about ten yrs ago now. Jesus, in my vision took me to a beautiful place, truly stunning, visually 'a Heaven'; to tell and show me some things I needed to know. I sat there on this luminescent sand watching Him drawing in the sand with a stick and then later with His finger. He really didn't say anything much funny eh? It was just being near Him, the absolute Truth that He is - well it seemed that the rubbish inside was being dealt with just by being in His presence - dunno best way I can explain it. I was almost overcome by such immense grief/sorrow/emotional pains. I wasn't too keen on reaching for Jesus, the whole vision thing was freaky enough and besides I didn't really know Jesus well enough back then to allow Him to comfort me.(Didn't want to be vulnerable) I perceived that He knew this, this comforted me. Just then I heard a noise in the lush green bushes to my left. I looked over and was astounded to see my little dog Monty come bounding over to me. Monty was a childhood dog. Never in a million years would I have imagined anything like this. Hallucinations just aren't structured this way, dreams neither. Jesus knew what I needed to know. He knew that I wouldn't let Him comfort me at that time. He made a way for me out of His love for me. I now know without any doubt that nice animals go to Heaven. I know this because it has been my experience. "A religious nutter" I can hear it now. Oh well I totally am telling the truth here. These are the facts, this is what happened, because I was there. Nice animals go to Heaven. I'm sure Girl is there with your Mum. XXX