Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day Brian

I think that Arthur and Bronwyn had the type of child hood that every child deserves to have! The memories that they have are carefree, full of excitement and plenty of adventures! Growing up on a station meant they didn't often have other children to play with, but by all accounts their parents made up for this lack of interaction by doing things with their children that other kids wouldn't even dream of doing!

Brian is one of the most practical people I have ever met and he has passed this trait onto his two children - it is because of him that Arthur and Bronwyn can turn their hand to just about anything!

Bronwyn's favourite memory: Going fishing with Dad on the Victoria River. Out of absolute necessity he taught them, at a very young age, how to bait a hook, unhook the the fish, clean and gut it - because he could never manage to get his own line in because the kids seem to take it in turns to catch the barramundi!

Arthur's favourite memory: From about the age of 8, Arthur used to drive the station toyota behind his dad while he was driving the dozer (clearing fence lines and making roads). Arthur remembers driving along the side of a cliff one day and he was so worried he was going to drive off the cliff he actually got the tyre stuck into the side of the hill! The following day - to use Arthur's words he was "pissing about" in the toyota and drove over a tree Brian had just felled and got the toyota stuck (squashing the muffler) just as the dozer set the scrub on fire - you can imagine the mayhem with every body trying to put out the fire and get the toyota out of the way!
The old family photo is of Brian's family and Brian is the blond curly headed baby - we all think Harrison looks just like him! The other two pictures are of Brian and Georgie, we couldn't decide between the two of them so I posted both!
Have a great father's day Brian. Love your family in Darwin!

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