Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9/11 The falling Man

Arthur and I watched a program on the ABC on Monday night/Tuesday morning. It was about the people that jumped/fell off the Twin Towers and the search to identify one particular man whose descent was captured on film.
They interviewed a family who they originally thought was the man's - his wife and his three children. They were very religious. They were absolutely horrified at the concept the this man might be their husband/father - because, for them, this meant that he had committed suicide and that was entirely against their religious beliefs.

I'm not sure who I was more angry with - religion or the family! Surely there isn't a god out there who would punish this man for what he did! His death was imminent - that he was going to die was as certain as the sun coming up each day. Sadly, devastatingly, he did actually have a choice - he could stay put and allow himself to burn to death or jump to his death. I have been to the top of twin towers and stood close to a fire - both options are unthinkable.

And then there's a family whose faith? beliefs? is/are so strong, they sincerely believe their husband/father is dammed for his choice, they are really distressed about what he did - that floored me! Would you not denounce your religion if that's what it truly believed? I would!


Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Man what a croc! Firstly those poor people can't think for themselves. Religion has blinded their minds. If they truly believe that God would dam someone to hell for that then they are deluded. They just havent found God for themselves. Religion demands that you give up your common sense, and there are religious leaders out there that willing proliferate this agenda; some religious leaders require that you allow your better judgement to be replaced by their opinions. You can be labled a 'christian' if you share the same mind as their majority. God wants relationship with, His children. Religion is not relationship. It is not a frock one wears, it is not a position you walk in or seek it is a progressive intimate relationship with God. We can have this deep relationship through Jesus. Jesus isn't religious, He and I both hate religion with a vengence. Man was given free will, we all make mistakes. IF this man made a mistake - and I say IF; because he wouldn't have been closer to Jesus more than in those moments - I can vouch for my Father that he would be forgiven and lovingly accepted into heaven with great love and understanding. God, Jesus are definately not religious. He would not share these human beings' perspective on the situation and would be working to free their minds.

munnfamily said...

i saw a bit of it too.
I have read about it previously, the then theory was he jumped to prove to the terrorists that they didnt 'get' him.
I have also read that in some religions God does not forgive people who commit suicide...

Anonymous said...

From a religous point a view, I don't think mine counts as I live with in my own interpretation, however if you are already dying, and hello sitting in a burning, falling building lets say that that pretty much is the scenario, to decide to jump, or in religous terms take a leap of faith, to trust that the lord will catch you, well I see his choice as truely acceptable and his faith strong, I only hope that I have his strength when it is my time to go.

Anonymous said...

There, but for the grace of God, go I.