Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Father's Day Dad

I love this picture of dad with the carton on his shoulder - is he set for a good time or what? The other pictures are of me and my cousin Monica (growing up she was my all-time favourite cousin on Dad's side of the family) and I have no idea about the other picture - I just thought it was a good picture - Dad is on the far left!
My earliest memory of dad his him taking me riding on the back of his motorbike to pick mushrooms out the back of the house in Allendale St Salisbury. I was probably about 4? As a child I can remember always wanting to discover some type of mystery about my beginnings - like they found me on their door step? I was adopted? (obviously I had too much time on my hands), anyway that was just plain dumb because if you had of seen Chris, Dad and I sitting together...........looked at our knees, then our feet you would know without a shadow of a doubt that we were related!!!
They say that you don't really appreciate your parents until you have your own kids and that's true, but for me it was the realisation, quite recently, that my parents had been just like me that really surprised me! For some reason the concept that they were once young and stupid (like we were) had not occurred to me! I was going through some old photos when the revelation hit me (clearly a little slow!).
As a child you just think they are god and assume that they know everything and that they are always right! What a crock! - I am there now and I know for sure that we just bluff it and we do make mistakes - oh, what a wonderful thing hindsight is!! And I just bet Dad, you don't feel any different now then what you felt 40 years ago - ok, so you'd have to be a little more...........worldly??
Favourite Memory: My favourite memory of my dad would definitely be when we were driving long distances he would reach round and grab my foot and tickle it. For some reason, I just loved it! I know that's an odd memory to treasure but for some reason it used to make me feel really good!

Dad is a welder by trade and worked as one when I was younger. Now, I am always whisked back to my early child hood by the smell of steel being cut or the smell of welding!
I hope you have a lovely father's day, thanks for your love, I do feel it! Love Leigh

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