Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kim Hunter nee Blank

This is my friend and Kim and I at Movie World 1993. Not long after Kim (to use her words) checked out of our friendship, one that had started in year 1 at primary school!

I really missed her friendship and thought about her often over the years. I don't know that I knew for sure we would meet up again but I definitely hoped we would. Anyway I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when she sent me an e'mail (through friends reunited) asking if she could contact me! Are you kidding me? Yesterday was not soon enough!!!

Life has thrown my friend some pretty big challenges, but you know what? She has come through it all the same beautiful, funny person she always was! And I am so happy she has come back into my life !

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Anonymous said...

Kim here.
We're a couple of spunks aren't we?