Thursday, April 10, 2008

My yesterday

I was getting everybody ready to meet friends at Parap pool yesterday and was wetting Gracie's hair with what I thought was the conditioner bottle, when I noticed that Olivia had somehow managed to get the bag of easter eggs and was ploughing her way through one - foil and all - it was at this point I started to smell something that smelt suspiciously like spray & wipe - OH crap I had saturated Grace's hair with Spray and bloody Wipe. So I pick her up and carry her to the bathroom, stopping by Olivia to relieve her of "the best thing she's ever found on the floor" - she screamed blue murder, but was soon out done by her sister when the S&W started running into her eyes!
Clearly at that point I decided - bugger it I'm just chucking the kids in the car and going. Because when I got there this is the state my children were in................ Grace: no shirt on (and no change of clothes), The boys: no shoes, Olivia still in the filthy clothes she had been playing outside in, no swimmers or change of clothes either. The drinks and food I had packed for the outing - safely (and securely) sitting on the kitchen table at home.
I am NEVER that unorganised. I'm not surprised that my morning went like that though, I did feel quite...................disjointed.............of course it could have been worse - I may have left a child at home.............

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NS said...

I just got off the phone to you and Im all mushy and emotional. Thanks for being such a faithfull friend L. I was exhausted just reading the account of a small section of your day. Could you start a blog where people can write in with issue and you look them up in your book??? please???