Saturday, April 26, 2008

Alicia's 30th

Last Friday, we had a "surprise" 30th birthday party for Alicia at the Botanical Gardens. It was a really lovely night and amazingly she had absolutely no idea! Georgie and I did a DVD for her which had photos of her from about 3years old until now - there was not a dry eye in the house when we played it. I hadn't had a drink in four years and decided to brake the drought - when I woke up the next morning I remembered why I don't drink anymore! However I have to tell you that our wonderful daughter got up and relieved me of the children and sent me back to bed AND the next thing I knew it was 12pm and I could smell bacon and eggs cooking - how wonderful is our big girl???
Both girls got really good report cards so they're in the good books for now! Arthur is off to the Gold Coast next week for work (get a better job) staying at the Sheraton Mirage - clearly I'm not liking him very much at the moment. He will be a way for Olivia's birthday, which is on Wednesday - I can't believe that she will be one.


NS said...

Dear Leigh. I like this story and you are such a good freind. I so laughed when you mentioned the grog. Love the pic and Alicia look just the same as when I lived in Bendigo.

NS said...

Hey Leigh - is that Robert Knight in the background????

The Hill Family..... said...

Hi Kimbo
I think so, he was there so it probably was him - clearly you know him?? How??

NS said...

Used to work with him. hes a good bloke.