Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Olivia's 1 today

I just can't believe Leema is 1 today! It has gone so fast........... And thanks to my friends we had a really lovely day. Robert was waiting outside when we got up this morning (Alicia is away) with a huge present, that was a lovely surprise. Arthur is away and to say it has been really hectic would be an understatement - So my wonderful friend Cerise organised a party for O this morning. And how spoilt was she, one of my favourite presents was from my cousin Dayna (who I just love to bits) ........... she put together some really nice photos of O and the family and framed it - it was very special. Everybody put a lot of effort into it and I very much appreciated it. It's funny because last year one of my other friends, Leigh organised a surprise (too funny I know) 2nd birthday for Grace (I had only just had Olivia so this was perfect). Anyway we finished the day at the park eating pizza's and playing cricket and soccer with Robert (who owes the girls $21.50 in "I bet you can't catch these...........)
NB. The kids (GG and Connor took the day off) decorated the cake and the picture is of Olivia trying to feed herself the cake............through her eye!!!

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NS said...

sweet sweet sweet.... that cake is perfect. perfect family sharing the love.