Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Stephanie

"No gift to your mother will ever match her gift to you - life!"

We always look forward to taking the kids down to Manbulloo. There is so much love there! I rarely see Stephanie rouse on any of our children and if she does, it (according to Arthur) doesn't even hold a candle to them getting into strife as children! Quite clearly the grandchildren get away with a whole lot more then Bronwyn and Arthur ever did!!
I asked Arthur and Bronwyn what their earliest memory of their mother was:
BRONWYN:Remembers really hassleing her mother to let her wear her necklace with a rectangle locket with a blue bird on it. Stephanie finally gave in and let her. To thank her mum for allowing her to wear it, she promptly chewed and broke the locket.
ARTHUR:Remembers Stephanie making not just a purple but a PURPLE suit for him. He also remembers travelling with Mum and Dad and Bronwyn on the train to Roma. They arrived late in the afternoon and the only other memory he has of this trip was looking at the front of grandma and grandpa's house............
JOINT FONDEST MEMORY: Lying in bed, stinking hot, with mum and dad resting comfortably in the "only" airconditioned bedroom.....
You have two really wonderful children and 8 wonderful grandchildren

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NS said...

Im so proud of you Leigh!!! perfect mother, wife and daughter in law....