Friday, March 14, 2008

My favourite Australian singer.............

John Williamson put two rather LARGE dents in the car last week! I was backing out of the driveway looking for a particular song..............and I just kept on going.........until I hit the trees on the opposite side of the road - who would have thought hey!
And sadly - I did it twice in one week - no kidding, I was looking for the same stinking song both times!! Arthur didn't have much to say - because, really, I have just matched the rear of the car with the front and sides which have been attacked on numerous occasions by those ridiculously large cement posts at Casuarina Shopping Square!!!

1 comment:

NS said...

hello gorgeous, if you did it twice on the same song, God is trying to tell you something. Analyse it. You will find something there I can garantee it, being one of his Angels and very thing :)