Friday, February 29, 2008

A chapter for today

I love all my children so much there are times when I could just about eat them! Of course there are the other times when I could happily throttle them! Olivia is still holding the record for the best temperament! A few weeks ago I decided enough was enough and she didn't need feeding during the night. So after a noisy, 30min discussion the first night, she has slept through the night ever since - honestly, where did this child come from????
Melbourne was great, we only took down two changes of clothes because of the weight restrictions on Tiger - 15kgs, needn't have worried because we we no where near the limit! Lots of purchases for "the business" we mostly invested in Fred Bare! We went to see "Priscilla" - it was......................just OK! Arthur coped just fine (or so he tells me), he's already talking about my next trip - he's so wonderful!!!

My lovely friend Nicky gave me a book a while ago "How to Heal You Life" by Louise Hay. This is an amazing book, it changes the way you look at life. Some bits are a little bit out there, but that's OK you don't have to agree with everything! RECOMMEND READING!!!

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