Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome Shantelle

It's been a busy little house hold over the last few weeks. Our niece Shantelle arrived end of January and will be staying with us for a while. She has settled in well and her and Georgie are "as thick as thieves". Thank god we have two bathrooms because now I find myself yelling and banging on the bathroom door twice as much, then there is (my personal favourite) the sun visor on the passenger side of the car - constantly down so the passenger is able to look at themselves in the mirror!
My girlfriend Alicia and I have grabbed a couple of $9.75 airfaires with Tiger and are flying down to Melbourne for a quick shopping trip this week! We have made enough money with our e'bay business to pay for the airfares (ok, that wasn't difficult), accommodation and money left over to buy up at the Myer sales and factory outlets - I can't wait! Art will have his hands full because I am leaving Olivia - she's is officially the first of our children to have formula (just till I come home though).

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you are so totally good leighbreath wardbreath hillbreath