Monday, September 16, 2013

Yes it's a repost - but a good one :-)

Shantelle reminded me of this today - this was a post I did January 2011, it made me laugh all over again so I though i'd repost!


No, and you can't make me!

After picking up my girlfriend's car at the airport, my credit card wouldn't work on the automatic boom gate, so I pressed the button to speak to someone.

ME: Hi, neither of my credit cards will work on this machine, it just spits them back out at me
MAN: Have you tried any of the others?
Me: No, but I will - Hey me again, this one doesn't work either
Man: You'll have to take your ticket into the terminal and pay at the machine
Me: Not going to happen, I'm not getting out of my car
Man: I beg your pardon?
Me: I'm not getting out of my car, just press the button your end and open the gate
Man: Maam, I can't do that
Me: Really? We'll how is this going to work, I'm NOT getting out of my car!
Man: What's the problem?
Me: The machines don't work
Man: You'll have to reverse back up, park and pay inside.
Me: NO
Man: What do you mean no?
Me: I'm not getting out of my car
Man: You have to!
Me: Ummmmmm, no I don't
Man: If your card's not working, it's the only way to pay
Me: Well I'm not responsible if your machine is faulty and I'm not getting out of my car, so I guess we've got a problem!
Man: Maam, you have to go inside and pay
Me: No I don't, and you can't make me!
Man: (seriously distressed by now) You have to go inside the terminal and pay
Me: No, here's $14 (cash) take it and open the gate, or just open the gate - I'm happy with either! But I am ABSOLUTELY NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS CAR!
Man: I can't take the cash, you'll have to pay inside the terminal (this line is getting tedious).
Me: Listen here MATE this is where I'm at right now, I'm not getting out of the car (getting a little sick of this line myself) and am in fact seriously considering driving right through the gate.
Man: I'll get the manager
Me: Great and (me hanging out the window) HURRY UP, I'M OVER SITTING HERE!!!!WAITING WAITING WAITING WAITING
Manager: What's the problem?
Me: Your machines won't work and I'm not getting out of my car to pay at the terminal

So we had a very intense, no talkie staring contest and wellah! - without another word, and the swipe of her card she opens the gate...............and I drive off.

30minutes that took, but seriously, I just wasn't dressed to appear in public.................

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Kim Hunter said...

This is such a fantastic story. Thanks for the laugh.