Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We have just come home from a lovely holiday with Arthur's family - Stephanie and Brian generously send us all on a holiday every two years and this year was Cebu (an Island off Manila).

We managed to squeeze quite a bit into a week:- snorkling, jetsking, segway(ing), rock climbing and swimming swimming swimming!

On the way home I made the mistake of asking for an extra seat (for my sick child) at the jetstar check-in counter - DON'T EVER DO THIS!! Because faster than the speed of light Connor was in a wheelchair and up in quarantine...................... I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say we spent an extra couple of nights in Manila

Poor Connor was quite sick but  just with the flu and unfortunately had touch of gastro - am pretty sure the vomiting was the deal breaker...............

Plantation resort -  lovely place for a holiday!


Kim said...

Looks fab - wondered why you had gone quiet.

Kim Hunter said...

Looks great.

Mr Crabs said...

because they wanted to be quiet