Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Olivia again.....

Is this child vying for (my) attention? Because I'm not supposed to have favorites (I do of course, but this is subject to change daily).

Olivia fractured her foot on the weekend and on Thursday woke up with a type of rash on her arms and legs which had spread everywhere by Saturday - she wore a full burqa in public - poor kid.....she did look kinda freakish!!

We're thinking that perhaps it's time she passed the gauntlet on to another child.......in another family.


Clare Bizley said...

Oh you poor things :(
She is really loving the camera, thanks Mum
Hope she feels better soon, or at least is left to bathe in peace xo

Ric and karl said...

Hope she is feeling better and that some other poor kid in another family has taken the curse off her!!

Kim Hunter said...

Poor darling.