Friday, February 22, 2013


In the fist week of holidays Olivia fractured her arm in two places - nobody remembers exactly when or how it happened. At the time I kissed it and iced it. Funnily enough this did not fix it and after about a week it occurred to me that I should get it seen to.  Doctors, hospital and three different casts.

Just after Xmas while Olivia was sticking a skewer down her cast to scratch an itch she got an itchy ear which she then started to scratch with the skewer. I suspect it was quite a satisfying scratch until somebody accidentally bumped her and she perforated her eardrum. Doctors, hospital.

10 days later when she was getting daily temps of 42 degrees I took her back to the doctors.......then the hospital. After many tests they diagnosed her with Pyelonephritis - what started as a bladder infection was now a kidney infection.

Poor kid - not the most memorable school holidays but what I love most about Liv is that nothing phases her and she just bounces right back - that smile is there even where she's feeling horrible.



Omg you are an wonderful writer, great story and what an amazing girl xxxx

Kim said...

image of you Leighbreath

Anonymous said...

Oh my life! Poor thing! Kathryn

Kim Hunter said...

I remember being at the doctors with Tessa time after time. I'm glad Livvy is all better now.