Friday, September 21, 2012

San Diego

Seriously, nobody could make a decision if their life depended on it!
Would you believe that the Hills and us booked the same hotel only to get here and find that the Bernard's had also booked the same place - there's got to be hundreds of hotels and we some how managed to book the same! Too funny
Kids getting their Junior Pilots License


USS MIDWAY is a retired air craft carrier and is now a museum - incredibly interesting to look through. I have no idea how they lived so close to each other - I got claustrophobia just walking through their sleeping quarters.

Also went to the San Diego Zoo which was lots of fun :-)


Leisa said...

OMG so much fun!!! Whats with the jumper Leigh? Harrison are you smiling?

GG said...

I hope you bring back a junior pilots license for me! Very cute picture! Miss you guys!! xox

Kim said...

Mikey is absolutely beside himself because you went to see the USS Midway! He actually moaned. Ha. Yes I am jealous of you...