Saturday, September 22, 2012

Palm Springs...enroute

We took the scenic route to Palm Springs and it was definitely worth it. On the way we got stuck on top of a mountain for a few hours because of a big assed fire.

Initially we were pulled up on the side of the road adjacent to a large dam that 3 helicopters were filling up their water tanks from, there were also 3 impressive water bombing planes - OMG you have no idea how exciting it was - our timing was impeccable.

We had to go back to the town of Julian and it was like we had stepped back into the 60's - the side walks, the shops, the milk bar everything!

I do feel bad about the fire but the whole thing turned out to be pretty bloody exciting for us :-)


Kim said...

all those golden haired peeps

Leisa Fav Cous said...

EXCITING I'd be shitting my pants!!
Glad you are enjoying xx

Am planning on having a coffee with u at domestic airport Bris October 11th :)

Leisa Fav Cous said...

PS Who's the big kid drinking the strawberry milk??