Sunday, January 2, 2011

No, and you can't make me!

After picking up my girlfriend's car at the airport, my credit card wouldn't work on the automatic boom gate, so I pressed the button to speak to someone.

ME: Hi, neither of my credit cards will work on this machine, it just spits them back out at me
MAN: Have you tried any of the others?
Me: No, but I will - Hey me again, this one doesn't work either
Man: You'll have to take your ticket into the terminal and pay at the machine
Me: Not going to happen, I'm not getting out of my car
Man: I beg your pardon?
Me: I'm not getting out of my car, just press the button your end and open the gate
Man: Maam, I can't do that
Me: Really? We'll how is this going to work, I'm NOT getting out of my car!
Man: I'll send someone down
Man: What's the problem?
Me: The machines don't work
Man: You'll have to reverse back up, park and pay inside.
Me: NO
Man: What do you mean no?
Me: I'm not getting out of my car
Man: You have to!
Me: Ummmmmm, no I don't
Man: If your card's not working, it's the only way to pay
Me: Well I'm not responsible if your machine is faulty and I'm not getting out of my car, so I guess we've got a problem!
Man: I'll be back
Man: Maam, you have to go inside and pay
Me: No I don't, and you can't make me!
Man: (seriously distressed by now) You have to go inside the terminal and pay
Me: No, here's $14 (cash) take it and open the gate, or just open the gate - I'm happy with either! But I am ABSOLUTELY NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS CAR!
Man: I can't take the cash, you'll have to pay inside the terminal (this line is getting tedious).
Me: Listen here MATE this is where I'm at right now, I'm not getting out of the car (getting a little sick of this line myself) and am in fact seriously considering driving right through the gate.
Man: I'll get the manager
Me: Great and (me hanging out the window) HURRY UP, I'M OVER SITTING HERE!!!!
Manager: What's the problem?
Me: Your machines won't work and I'm not getting out of my car to pay at the terminal

So we had a very intense, no talkie staring contest and wellah! - without another word, and the swipe of her card she opens the gate...............and I drive off.

30minutes that took, but seriously, I just wasn't dressed to appear in public.................


Anonymous said...

So very very proud of you. Again. LOL xox

Kim said...

This is so funny mate, picturing you there. Nuthin wrong with assertiveness.


I love this story, wrote it as well as you told it, awesome and good fucken on you xxx ce

kim hunter said...

This put a smile on my face. I needed it. I can absolutely imagine you doing this too. I can see it. Did you tell them you were in your pj's or whatever they were? You are a right crack up. Love you for it!

Kim Hunter said...

Just read this out to Mikey he laughed too. I had another belly laugh as I was reading it. You crack me up woman!

Leisa said...

Man you have a way with words and there's no way I would have got out too! Luv ya

Kim Hunter said...

Just had to read this again. Excellent. "...we had a very intense, no talkie staring contest..." Baaaahaaaaaa