Sunday, December 26, 2010

Please God? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

God and I have not spoken for a long time, but I have done a lot of praying in the last 6 days and I really hope he is listening!

In the 3 days leading up to Xmas I found out that two people that mean a lot to me where diagnosed with cancer.

The first, a neighbour and a friend, has stage 3 cancer and it is inoperable. She is not much older then me and has four children. She is a beautiful person and one who I really admire.

The other a relative. In the last 10 years Arthur and I have really gotten to know him and very much enjoy his company - he sits in the close circle of family and friends I (we) share our joy and our sorrow with!

So I have been praying hard to God, the Angles and anyone else who'll listen - For strength for them and their families, to quieten their fears, for them to feel the love that surrounds them and above all else the power to fight and recover.

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Kim said...

On the list mate. Sending the goods right your way