Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't EVER

Don't ever:

Pay the $35 bank charge for over-drawing your account! Ring up and insist they reverse it - and if the person you speak to can't, ask to be transferred to someone who can! My argument is pretty easy - I refuse to pay it, they can't justify it, it absolutely doesn't cost them $35, it's an electronic transaction AND you shouldn't be able to take what's not there and charge for the action.............. ( you also need to request they "flag" your account so it doesn't happen again - they will tell you it's not guaranteed to stop it, but that's crap, it does!)

Pay the late payment fee Telstra charge! Ring them for a lengthy,but polite discussion. These people get bonuses etc for the amount of customers they can get through in a day, so anything more then 2-3 minutes starts affecting their bonuses. So you need to get them to explain the charge, justify the charge, read you the "policy" then (and this always throws them) ask that they explain the formula that was used to come to that particular charge! Normally I don't even have to go that far, but if you do and that doesn't work, suggest they put you on to somebody who can satisfy your request - you'll need to start the process again but that's OK because supervisors have even less time!

Hand the $26 worth of baramundi back over the deli counter (at Woolworths) complaining that you were over charged - be smart about it and let them scan it at the checkout , point it out and get it for free - I AM STILL EATING MY SELF UP OVER THIS MOMENTARY LAPSE OF JUDGEMENT!!!

Finally - Don't EVER let me look after your finances because as an accountant.........I'm a fantastic mum!



Peed myself reading, Not just funny but also great advice :) Shame about the fish.

Kim said...

L, sign into my blog. click on the words let it shine. you will see all the posts. I think you need to refresh you favorites or something happened when you got your new computer.