Thursday, December 10, 2009

Princess Grace of Anula

What happens when you and your siblings get sent to Katherine and your parents go to Melbourne for 6 days???

We arrived Saturday and Bronwyn called Monday morning telling us that Grace broke her leg (snapped the Tibia and Fibula) the previous evening and was in hospital! I felt terrible, the biggest thing to happen to her and her parents were away! Luck for Mae Mae, she had Tilley and Georgie who each had a turn overnighting in hospital with her.

She had to have her leg re-set and they were going to fly her to Darwin, but as luck would have it they had some visiting specialist at the Katherine Hospital and they did it Monday afternoon - No way we could have made it in time!

Georgie and Tilley did a wonderful job looking after her and since Georgie shared a room with her (at Manbulloo)GG was suffering from some serious sleep deprivation by the time they got home on Friday.

And Princess Grace is feeling better.............and milking it for all it's worth!!!


Kim said...

This kid is a "STAR", I saw that when she was in the pool. And that will be something that will be special between G, T and Grace for ever. Your family are so unique in their way of loving. lucky buggers.

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

I agree with Kim S above. A very loving family, you are truly blessed. It would have been torture for you both. I didn't want to say that while you guys were still down there, I didn't want to add anything but positivity to what you were feeling. Wonderful, what Chantal and Georgie-girl did. Beautiful girls. Go Gracey yes milk it for all its worth!!! X