Friday, November 13, 2009

My Surprise 40th

The planning committee: Arthur, Georgie, Alicia, Nicky, Nicky, & Leigh.
The Surprise guests: My Dad, My Cousin Leisa & my beautiful friend (and biggest fan) Kim Scott!

My day started with an amazing 4 hour pamper package (from Nicky, Nicky, Leigh & Alicia) at the beautiful "I Am" salon. Nicky picked me up at 8.30 bearing gifts of flowers and hand made soaps and a hot cup of Tea (she's one of the few people allowed to make my tea). When I'd finished, Leigh was my chaufer home and brought along food and a chilled can of coke for the trip.

Leigh collected me again at 6 to take me to an unknown destination. We picked up Nicole then over to Nicky's...........who wasn't quite ready and asked us to come in an wait for a minute (no problems, we had to wait for 20mins at Nicole's).

Well, bugger me, I had an idea something was happening that night, but when I walked around the back of that house I had no idea what was waiting for me - there were no cars out the front NOTHING - there was over 30 people and they managed to hide all their cars!

I have been putting off writing about this simply because I'm worried that I might not be able to portray just how much this meant to me. I can only imagine how much trouble everybody went to to make this so special for me and let me tell you, I absolutely felt special and loved.

There was so much thought put into everything. It was held in Nicky and Damian's back yard which is lovely anyway, but it was turned into something really special with fairy lights, candles and flowers and the Buddha holding all those beautiful frangipanni flowers was Nicky's offering to me! They'd organised catering and my favourite (as was everyone else's by the end of the night) an electronic juke box! We must have danced and sung for easily 3 hours - and my god we weren't just good - we were bloody fantastic - by 2am the neighbours were really loving us!

Dad, Leisa and Kim travelling all the way from Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra - what an absolute treat that was, how excited was I to see them - it was the jumping kind of excitement, you know the one I mean? And not as far to travel but still a long drive - Stephanie & Brian and Bronwyn and Brian, how good did that make me feel!

My friends are so important to me and play such a huge part in my life and I love that these two really important lots of people (friends & family) got to meet.

So many people went to so much trouble for me - FOR ME! And what a celebration we all had! It was memorable, it was special - It was EXACTLY how I wanted it! And you can't get better then that can you?

Thank you to everybody, you know how much I love you all and appreciate having you in my life!


munnfamily said...

i've said it once, and i'll say it again......YOU are a wonderful and special friend who deserves all the good in the world, that's why the night of planning for YOU was NO trouble at all.

Kim said...

luvin you up girlfriend

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Another sensational blog. Love the pictures especially the one of you and Arty laughing- I'm going to print that one out! Oi! And I'm your biggest fan. I'm the Brisbane president of the Hill Family Fan Club I'll have you know. XO