Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wiligi camping

Well the much anticipated camping trip to Wiligi (bottom of Cobourg, through Kakadu) with the Nicky, Nicky Leigh Leigh families has finally happened! And what a fantastic time we all had.

It was by far the flashest camping I have ever done - the food was sensational and we had a generator (actually two but only used one) which you couldn't hear unless you were just about sitting on it. Nicky and Damian had a camper trailer which had a pull out kitchen complete with a 4 burner gas plate. We had Arthur's dad's boat which is great, but the boat Nicole and Grayson brought was something else ....... it wasn't just a fast was a FAST boat (and flash - hell, they own a car and boat yard, of course it was). Riding on that was such a buzz!
Between the four families, we have 16 children but the teenagers had to stay home for work so we only had 12 kids - plenty though! We spent 4 days out there and we all agreed that at least one extra day would have been nice. Lovely company - good for the soul!!!
The next camping trip is in the planning!


Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Sounds like fun. Yes good for the soul. You all look so happy!

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Sorry me again...forgot to say that the colours in the background of the shot with you all - are absolute beautiful. Do you have anymore pictures of this Kakadu sunset?

~Mel~ said...

Oh Leigh, I must give you a call, we are going to go camping these holidays and that place looks sensational!