Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie 31/05/09

I'll never forget the first time I saw Grace. Despite the doctor, midwive's and Arthur's best efforts to calm me down, I screamed the entire time I was pushing her out - ok, so my forte is definitely NOT child birth - I always end up begging for an epidural, although in this case the bloody thing only worked down one side!

I remember the doctor telling me to open my eyes - and when I did I saw a beautiful baby girl, they put her on my chest and I kissed her, inhaled that beautiful smell that is unique to newborns and kissed her again and again. I don't think there is anything else in the world as special as that moment when you meet your baby for the first time!
It's hard to believe she's 4! She's a great kid with an "out there" personality, a contagious laugh and a whole lot of spunk!
Since we were in Katherine that weekend I didn't have a chance to organise a party, so my wonderful friend Cerise organised one at the park (my friends Leigh and Cerise have organise a party for at least one of my children every year for the last 3/4 years) and everybody brought a plate. I am so lucky to have the friends that I do. Life gets really busy sometimes and knowing I can rely on them, along with the generous things that they do makes me feel loved!


Kim said...

Gorgeouos post Leigh. Love you in the white shorts?


She is just a beautiful soul, happy birthday Gracie, lots of love Cerisa

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

Lovely post. She is beautiful just like her mum. I love your honesty in your posts Leigh, it always inspires me.