Friday, April 3, 2009

My children

It occurred to me that I didn't pass on the fantastic news that Olivia's holes in her heart have closed over! So happy about that!

Parent Teacher Interviews

We had PTI's for both boys this week:

Connor is in the top 3 for reading in his class and is very good at maths! In fact he is doing really well with all of his subjects (although his writing needs some help - HELLO!!!.....has any one seen his mother's writing??). His teacher (who is wonderful) tells us he is a leader and is very good at sorting out disputes!

Harrison is also going really well. His teacher lives across the road from us so we have known her since we moved - in fact she was the first neighbour in "Ramsey Street" to come across and invite me over for coffee - they are a really lovely family. She thinks Harrison is wonderful and right out there! His best friend is the naughtiest kid in the class............but Jo assured us that it doesn't effect his work and he always does what he's told (really, what happens to that boy when he gets home???). He's in transition, however since his class is mixed with year 1's he has been pushing to do the year 1 work and is doing really well!

And no Parent Teacher Interview for Grace, but:

Gracie's second day in Preschool saw her sitting in the time out chair for quite some time before she caved in and apologised! That just doesn't surprise me, she is very, very stubborn! Anyway she hasn't visited the time out chair since but when I mentioned it to her teacher she said "Leigh, I just think Grace has a whole lot of spunk and the most wicked and infectious laugh!

I am very proud of my children!


Kim said...

And I am very proud of you Leighbreath.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where they get the stubborness from :-) xxxooo Shauna