Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cairns & Mareeba No. 54

Shantelle and I went to Cairns on Monday and I think Shantelle has finally gotten some closure on the events that lead to her living with us and she can put the past behind her now and move forward!

We also went to Mareeba to visit Chris's grave. On the way I thought I would just pop into the police station and pick up the few items Chris had on him the night he died (phone, ring). You can't imagine my distress when they gave me one boot (knocked off in the accident), his hat covered in blood and some hair samples (which I insisted I must not have). I expected his smashed up phone and his ring, although was not expecting the road damage, nor the dried blood on the ring.

Then we went to the cemetery to find an unmarked grave-No.54. The plaque I had made up and sent to the council in November was not on. We left a lovely bunch of flowers and a lantern with a candle and an angel in it. I also left his hat there since he was apparently never without it!
Next stop the council, where "Jack" brings the plaque out to me - unfortunately, he tells me it needs to be a bronze plaque, not marble. Jack apologized to me and said he'd put it into the "too hard" basket. There was no contact number - but yes he could have called the funeral home or the company who sent them the plaque. Yes he said, I accept "Jacinta" didn't advise you of the regulations about the plaque - she wasn't trained properly. In between my sobs, I tell Jack of my immense disappointment and advise him that I am definitely not in a financial position to get another plaque! We'll sort it out he tells me!

What an absolute fucking disaster! Jack called me this afternoon and tells me that the council have aproved the purchase of a bronze plaque (different company) - did I just want the same wording on it? Yes Jack I do, however you're not going to be doing this on my behalf - I'm not having some budget assed plaque, I want some involement. He'll call back...........

Arthur did everything when mum died and I worked so hard to organise all of this on my own and I thought that this chapter was all but closed!


Kim said...

Darlin, I wish I could give you a big hug.

~Mel~ said...

Oh Leigh, I am so sorry that this happened to you, it is really difficult when you are expecting to close that chapter only to have it drag on a little more painfully.
Much Love, M xx