Thursday, January 1, 2009

This big baby turns 7

My waters broke at 3.30 in the morning and Connor was born at 11.30 that night, weighing 4.4kgs/9lbs 11oz. I had trouble delivering him - the markings on the right side of his face are from him being stuck on my cervix! The doctor had the theatre ready and he said he'd have just one go with the forceps and if that didn't work, in we'd go! Luckily the forceps did the job! He is so skinny now, it's odd to think how big he was when he was born!
He turned 7 today! The girls took the kids and a couple of his friends to a movie then we had cake and dinner after.
The pictures of him were taken at the hospital - about an hour after his birth and the one with GG he is about 2days old!


Kim said...

Leighbreath, I hope you are printing out your blogspot to put in a book, so your kids can read it later. I love this post. Hes such a round man, which show what good care you took to be able to be presented with this lovely healthy babe.

Kim Blank-Hunter said...

A 9 pounder?! My eyes are watering at the thought! Ouch! Beautiful boy. GG looks so much like you in this picture, cheek bones especially. X