Sunday, December 14, 2008

So, he's gay?

You know how you have lots of friends, but there is a certain group that you reach for when the shit hits the fan? They know you, your family. They know what you need them to do without you having to tell them?
Well he was part of that group, had been for over 20 years. Then 3 years ago he just ceased all contact. Not just with us but everybody in that group! Ignored phone calls, knocks on his door!

What a choice he made. Clearly he decided it was easier to sever all ties rather then tell us he was gay! I don't know what to think about that - I know it's not about us but I'm pissed off and upset. I know how bloody difficult it would have been for him to tell us but I thought our friendship was much deeper than that! We couldn't have given a crap, we would have been bloody surprised, but honestly would not have made him wait a second longer before telling him we didn't care, it made no difference to us!


Kim said...

Leighbreath, not every one can love like you. I hope you get back in touch with him.

munnfamily said...

20 years ago I had a 'best' friend at school who did the same thing to me/us, mind you I only knew him for 5 years, but I thought that was enough and our friendship was worth a bit more. I still to this day remember and miss him and often wonder what he is doing now. Leigh