Friday, December 12, 2008

just a couple of things

SHE'S 16!!! Georgie turned 16 on the last day of our holidays (29/10/08)! I slipped a note to the pilot and he proceeded to tell the entire plane - Georgie had no idea - it was so cool! She also has her driver's license (L's). I'm not worried about her, just the other wankers on the roads. Art has been taking her for lessons...............I won't even sit in the back seat........not yet!

Today is that last day of school for many MANY weeks and I am already breaking out in a sweat! You all know how much I love my children but 7 weeks at home with 4 little people gets a little............challenging??

We are spending Xmas at Mambulloo (in Katherine) with Arthur's family and while I enjoy the family time unfortunately the very fact that I am in Katherine brings me down!. I know this is what they call an "Anchor Point" (like a song or smell can bring back an emotion) and you CAN get rid of them, so in the new year I am going to focus on getting rid of my "less then helpful" Anchor Points!

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Kim said...

16. So proud of you and Art growing up such a georgous girl. And growing up not just your own but any one else who will let you.