Monday, September 29, 2008

Relay for Life

The girls did "Relay for Life" this weekend. It's a fund raising event for cancer research - teams of families, friends and businesses etc spend all night walking around an oval to raise money. Georgie and Imogen have had a committee for the last 4 years and they raise money all year doing cake sales, bbq's etc. Tilley is now part of the committee and is getting into the swing of it. They have a "survivors walk" which is very humbling and a candle lighting ceremony.

We lit candles and remembered with love:

  • Elizabeth Chain
  • Maureen McDonald
  • Gordon Ward
  • Jim Ward
  • Robert (Barney) Ward

The picture is of Shantelle - clearly exhausted after her 7.5 laps of the oval!

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Kim said...

Leigh, I love the light you captured on this piccy. These are the fab photos that make up a life.