Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The decision

So, Arthur and I have made the decision...........We are going to enrol in a gym! We both play sports twice a week but that clearly is not enough.

Following this "decision" I went grocery shopping and obviously my sub-conscious was rebelling and started to melt down because when Georgie met me at the checkout, she looked at my trolley and said "are you hungry mum?" - so I have a bit of a rattle around in the trolley and I find - 1 family size cake, 3 packets of biscuits, 2 pks of Allen's lollies, a family pack of maltesers, a box of ice blocks and a couple litres of butter ice cream!

I was embarrassed and shocked at my obvious gluttony, so I returned the packet of scotch finger biscuits!


Kim Blank-Hunter said...

What a laugh! You made my belly wobble with this one.

Kathryn said...

I cannot believe you forgot to put a family block of Cadbury chocolate in there too! My shopping trolley is never without one of those! ;-)