Saturday, October 20, 2007

My biggest and littlest

Today I am so tired my eyes are burning................thanks Olivia! Arthur is wiring the neighbours air conditioners today - Great, our dishwasher is about to crap itself and I simply cannot do without a dishwasher! The pictures are taken (obviously.......plait your hair? plait your hair?) in Bali - at the zoo.
Arthur's parents have bought the house next door, settlement is Monday. So they now have somewhere to stay when they come to Darwin and Georgie is allowed to move in there (I've told her that won't be happening until she's 17..........she is trying for 16 - good luck with that GG). So if we get visitors (cause I get SOOOOOO many of them) they now have somewhere a little more relaxing to stay!
have a great weekend xo

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