Monday, October 15, 2007

Charlie the Rabbit

My first post..............very exciting! Got back from Bali last Monday in one piece (only just) and it's always nice to get home, but it's especially nice when you get home and your wonderful friends (Alicia and Robert) have stocked your fridge, cleaned your house from top to bottom (apparently their children will NOT be allowed to have lego), mowed, whipper snipped and cleaned up the yard AND ripped up the tiles in the spare room (so Art can start tiling right away). I can't tell you just how nice it was to come home to that - and before you ask NO they don't need anymore friends!!!
Art spent the week working in the garden out the front while I supervised. It looks fantastic, and doesn't even have plants in it yet - lots of paved pathways and the hole dug for the pond (at the expense of the Telstra phone line).

Everyone back at school and work this week - I love my Mondays and Tuesdays - Harrison - pick up 2.30pm. Connor pick up 2.45pm, Georgie pick up 3pm - tight schedule..........

Kids are going well, Olivia is still a fantastic baby and Georgie wants to be an actress.

Gotta go, have a super day. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Hey I just left a comment and it's not here.

Robyn & Dad said...

Hi guys,
I think your blog is great. Now I know how you all are, cause your Dad is hopeless at passing on the news.
Love to all,